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1999 San Juan Spas began selling Coast Spas.To date, we remain one of Coast Spas biggest supporters.

After reading the complaints - I can appreciate everyone's frustrations when it comes to getting repairs-parts-information-service from many dealers. We've been in the Pool & Spa business over 40 + Years. Leaks are always frustrating - takes longer to find than repair. More times than not a rodent has entered the hot tub and caused many leaks.

Why someone's pump or circuit board lasts longer than anothers is anyone's guess. Like ALL MANUFACTURER'S Coast Spas passes on to the consumer the Warranty that the Original Equipment Manufacturer provides to Coast. We've found some spas installed with the improper wire sizes (often too small) which shortens the life of the motors and circuits because the smaller wire sizes create too much heat over time causing equipment failures.

We service/repair locally and sell parts through-out the world. Would be happy to have your business anytime and will offer free advice anytime.


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